From Clients

“Kathleen Schaefer definitely knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system. She prepared me well for several critical events during my sentence hearing and during incarceration, from providing me a reading list of materials pertaining to my crime, providing information about how I could be perceived by staff and the Parole Board given my personality and giving feedback on how to better present myself. Coming to grips with the significance of my crime was hard. Kathleen helped me understand that more fully with her compassionate and professional manner. Her counsel prepared me well for many internal evaluations as well as my parole interview. Her representation at my hearing contributed to my success in being granted a parole.

Former Client


“Kathleen was very instrumental in assisting my close friend at his probation hearing. Although he had prepared endlessly for his hearing, he later said that without her guidance and direction, he believes he would not have been successful. With Kathleen spending countless hours preparing him and then subsequently representing him at the hearing, my friend was granted a parole upon the first possible eligibility date.
Family Friend of Former Client


“We needed help getting ready for the parole board interview. [Dr.] Schaefer prepared us on what to expect (and) helped us prepare a professional parole packet that included letters of support, a letter from a prospective employer, and a commitment to a home placement with us. I couldn’t have done it without her. She was my rock.

Mother of Former Client

who was subsequently paroled and discharged

“Kathleen, thank you so much for helping this event to come about in my life. You brought forth so many “needed” feelings from me, before my hearing. I don’t know how I would have gotten through on my own. Your professionalism and soft-spoken care truly made the difference for me. You did an incredible service, Kathleen, not only to me, but to my family as well.”
Former Client


“Kathleen was instrumental in the education, preparation and ultimate release of a very dear friend of mine who was facing the parole board for the first time. She took it upon herself to travel to the Upper-Peninsula of Michigan where he was incarcerated. My friend later told me that after Kathleen’s consultation he gained greater insights and because of her unique background, like no other, and understandings about the workings of the Michigan Department of Corrections he was well prepared for his parole board interview and reentry.

My friend was beyond words in relation to Kathleen’s approach of sincerity and genuine care for him as a human being, despite his past. Because of her approach, unique expertise and emphatic spirit, not only was my friend paroled at his first opportunity, but he did so with his dignity intact –all because of the help and professional services we received from Kathleen.”

Friend of Former Client

Nobody has more insight into the Michigan Department of Corrections than Kathleen Schaefer. [Dr.] Schaefer helped me get ready for the parole hearing and also spoke on my behalf. I was afraid of getting turned down, that I would spend my best adult years in prison, but I was able to get a parole at my first attempt.”

Former Client

“Kathleen was superb in her work. She looked at the case from all aspects and dove deep to understand any issues that may arrive and how we would deal with them. She was very professional, knew her field well, and provided excellent recommendations in how to approach and present items for our case. I can’t speak highly enough of her efforts and work.”
Son of Former Client

“I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for all of your assistance and guidance over the past couple of years. It has been a rough ten years for, but your counseling and support has made the last couple a little easier.”
Friend of Former Client


“We would like to thank you very much for your help and guidance before, during and after the Parole process our son had to go through with The Michigan Department of Corrections. Your expertise with the system was a great help to us as we navigated this complex process. You were responsive to our and our son’s needs and questions. We appreciate how you were able to keep things moving forward.

Our son was granted parole and your assistance greatly contributed to it.”

Parents of Former Client

From Attorneys & Associates

“Professional Probation and Parole’s report literally cut my client’s sentence in half. The judge originally sentenced my eighteen-year-old (special needs) client to 7-1/2 years in Jackson County for his involvement in several home invasions in the Jackson County area. When the Court discovered that most of Kathleen and Nicole’s report had not made it to chambers (only the update did), the Court granted our motion for resentencing and cut my client’s sentence in half based on the materials contained in that report. The report was thoughtful and went through various aspects of the client’s upbringing and history that an overworked probation simply didn’t have the time or ability to adequately cover.”
Stuart G. Friedman

Attorney at Law, Jackson County

“In my cases, she has been able to streamline services for psychologically impaired clients and obtain ongoing information from the parole board during long commutation proceedings. Her services are truly invaluable.”
Robyn B. Frankel

Attorney, Bloomfield Hills

“I have used and recommended Kathleen on my difficult cases. Her input was critical to develop understanding between my client and I and giving surety to both of us as we worked through the plea and sentencing process. She is an invaluable part of my team and highly recommend her to any lawyer seeking to provide meaningful assistance in dealing with the MI Department of Corrections.”
Timothy Dinan

Criminal Defense Attorney, Dinan & Associates

“Kathleen is extremely knowledgeable and conducts her affairs with the utmost integrity and professionalism. I am very impressed with her in every respect. Additionally, Kathleen’s experience and expertise yields excellent results for her clients. I highly recommend Kathleen.”
Mike Rataj


“Kathleen is a detailed oriented manager with a great work ethic. She is reliable and conscientious in all tasks she takes on. Based on her extensive experience working with the offender population, I would highly recommend her as a correctional consultant.”
Ken Aud

Faculty , Oakland Community College

“I would highly recommend Kathleen Schaefer for any work with a client in relation to parole matters. Her experience with the parole board and her background and qualifications make her better suited than even skilled and experienced attorneys to handle these issues in a way that would be best for virtually any criminal defense client. I don’t think my client would have been granted parole without her efforts.”
F. Martin Tieber

Attorney, East Lansing

“[Dr.] Schaefer provided me with excellent insight into the parole process and was instrumental in the timely release of my client. ”

Andis Svikis

Attorney, Kalamazoo

“She’s the best at writing sentencing memorandum, has credibility with the courts, the keys to the gatekeepers, and is known by the thorough and complete effort she puts into her work.”
Todd Russell Perkins

Attorney and Counselor, Detroit

“Kathleen is outstanding. whether its a sentencing memo or a post conviction matter, no one does it like Kathleen. I have recommended her to everyone I know. She has taught at the CDAM conferences with rave reviews.”
James Feinberg

Attorney at Law, Offices of James L. Feinberg

“Kathleen is one of the most knowledgeable persons in this field. She is highly commended for her work both in probation and parole related matters and also assisting attorneys whose clients face sentencing on a current crime.”
Allen Peisner

Attorney at Law

[Dr.] Schaefer has provided indispensable sentencing and parole information and assistance to many of my clients. [Dr.] Schaefer assists the client directly in composing helpful responses to the Department of Corrections Presentence Interview forms. Her assistance at that juncture helps the client greatly in subsequent parole hearings. Often times language inserted in the PSIR may not be noticed by defense counsel as being troublesome at the sentencing phase; however, [Dr.] Schaefer is keenly aware of the parole process years down the road and the interplay between the PSIR language and the granting of or denial of parole.

I highly recommend [Dr.] Schaefer to any defense attorney who is embroiled in a difficult State criminal defense proceeding.

Brian Legghio

Owner, Law Office of Brian M. Legghio

“I have used Kathleen Schaefer on several difficult sentencings, particularly those that have been convicted at trial, with prison guidelines, and/or child abuse/sexual assault convictions. I have found Kathleen’s consultation services and reports to be invaluable at sentencing because of her specific knowledge and experience in both courts and corrections. As a former MDOC employee and counselor she is able to uniquely shed light on each case for the Court and parole board. She is effective in both mitigation and client rehabilitation. PPPC has made a difference in every case I have brought her in on.”
Mark A. Satawa

Attorney, Michigan

“Kathleen is both a great person and a staunch advocate for those that are not in the position to advocate for themselves. She is thorough, thoughtful and always considerate of the client as well as the families involved. She is professional and punctual from beginning to end. I have used, will continue to use, and would recommend her for any probation or parole consulting needs.”
Jason Moss

Attorney/Owner, Jason M. Moss & Associates, PC

“Kathleen Schaefer is a former MDOC manager and provides commutation and pardon services under the business name Professional Probation & Parole Consulting, Inc. On our most recent submission we were told, informally, that it was one of the best and most complete packages they had ever seen.”
William W. Swor, Attorney