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Dr. Kathleen M. Schaefer, Ph.D, LPC

Dr. Kathleen M. Schaefer, Ph.D, LPC

Founder & Licensed Professional Counselor

Dr. Kathleen M. Schaefer is a licensed professional counselor and founder of Detroit-based Professional Probation & Parole Consulting, Inc. The firm assists attorneys and their clients and their families in matters concerning federal and state sentencing hearings, parole board interviews and hearings, and commutation of sentence and pardon applications. Kathleen has a matchless understanding and distinctive expertise from her 26 years with the Department of Corrections prior to founding Professional Probation & Parole Consulting in 2003.

Kathleen has assisted in hundreds of sentence hearings, parole board interviews, and parole hearings. Professional Probation & Parole Consulting provides a thorough assessment of each case and partners with your lawyer to offer guidance through each step.

No matter where you find yourself in the criminal justice system, we can make a difference.


  • Social Work B.A., Eastern Michigan University
  • Counseling M.A., Eastern Michigan University
  • Counseling Ph.D., Wayne State University

Occupational History

  • Instructor, Wayne State University Master’s Counseling Program
  • Program Manager, Macomb County Circuit Court Adult Probation
  • Program Manager, Wayne County Specialized Supervision Units
  • Program Manager, Wayne County Probation & Parole Boot Camp Aftercare/Detention Facility
  • Resource Program Analyst, Wayne County Probation & Parole
  • Probation/Parole Officer Wayne County
  • Prison Counselor, Detroit House of Corrections & Huron Valley Women’s Facility

Past Committee Participation

  • Macomb County Community Mental Health Committee
  • Macomb County Substance Abuse Committee
  • Macomb County Drug Court Committee
  • Wayne County Community Corrections Board Member


Associate Member
Associate Member
Executive Board Member


My son would likely not have gotten parole without Ms. Schaefer’s help. She handled everything — the follow-up, the phone calls and the appearance before the parole board. She was always there for us 100 percent. On a scale of 1 to 10, she’s a 10.

Father of Former Client, Michigan

Kathleen is one of the most knowledgeable persons in this field. She is highly commended for her work both in probation and parole related matters and also assisting attorneys whose clients face sentencing on a current crime.

Allen Peisner, Attorney

I would highly recommend Ms. Schaefer to any defendant who wants to thoroughly and accurately present their case to the sentencing judge in a compelling way. She has a wealth of information and her contacts in the various probation departments is invaluable and critical to a successful outcome.

Craig A. Daly, Attorney, Detroit

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