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Navigating the legal system can be difficult, and having a trusted, experienced counselor can make a big difference. Kathleen Schaefer is a licensed professional counselor. She has worked on hundreds of cases and has both the knowledge and expertise to help you with your case. Professional Parole & Probation Consulting is a Michigan-based firm with a national reach and experience in both federal and state criminal justice matters.

How We Can Help

Sentence Mitigation & Probation

We will work with you and your lawyer before sentencing to identify mitigation factors unique to your case, prepare you for the presentence investigation interview, and write a comprehensive sentencing report for the judge outlining all of the merits of mitigation at sentencing in your case.


We have counseled hundreds of prisoners in their preparation for their parole board interviews and public hearings and reentry.

Commutation of Sentence and Pardon Applications

We will assist you with the preparation of a commutation or pardon application toward providing you with the best possible chance for an interview, public hearing, commutation of sentence or pardon.


Kathleen is a Licensed Professional Counselor with the experience and compassion to help you navigate through the criminal justice system.


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