Illegal immigration was a hot topic during the 2016 political race and remains so in the current presidency. Between January 22, 2017 and April 29, 2017, 41,300 immigrants were arrested for being in the United States illegally. Of those, 30,500 had been convicted of a crime. Immigrants who have been convicted of a crime, no matter how long ago or what the offense, have become a focus for deportation.

For those who seek a second chance, we provide assistance with the preparation of both State and Federal pardon applications. The first step towards a pardon is the submission of a petition. It may take between 12-24 months for an application to be processed and granted. PPPC has the expertise and proven experience to help you submit a complete and thorough petition.  Professional Probation and Parole Consulting partners with you to show the full picture.

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