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Immigration Pardons

Illegal immigration was a hot topic during the 2016 political race and remains so in the current presidency. Between January 22, 2017 and April 29, 2017, 41,300 immigrants were arrested for being in the United States illegally. Of those, 30,500 had been convicted of a...

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Cradle to Prison Pipeline

According to the Children’s Defense Fund, in the United States 1 in 3 Black and 1 in 6 Latino boys born in 2001 are at risk of being sentenced time in prison at least once in their lifetime. Boys are five times as likely to be incarcerated as girls. In general, all...

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Changing the Narrative: Video Response

In Michigan, 41,000 people are in state prison and of those, 5,121 are currently serving life sentences.  Many of them could be contributing socially and economically to the state of Michigan. Commutations are usually granted for good behavior or to soften an...

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The Full Picture

“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”  ― Mahatma Gandhi There are a lot of factors that go into a judge’s sentencing decision. That’s why it's important to tell the whole story.  At Professional Probation and Parole Consulting, we work with lawyers to help our...

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Correctional Population Statistics

Numbers tell a story. In 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice used data from the Bureau of Justice to gather information about the correctional population and the facts are still relevant today. From 2014 to 2015, the number of adults in correctional facilities...

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Family Support

The Michigan Department of Corrections paroles or discharges more than 10,000 prisoners a year. Many of those prisoners depend on their families for support as they transition back into society. Families can offer essential help to newly released prisoners from basic...

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Good Behavior & Parole

When a prisoner is up for parole consideration, emotions can run high. Emotions can run anywhere from feeling excited, hopeful, scared, intimidated, and anxious.  Being honest with yourself and the interviewer, remorseful, prepared and insightful will provide the best...

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Michigan’s Commutation Process

Michigan Governors commuted 316 sentences from 1969 to 2011.  Of those 316, 182 were from the end of Governor Granholm’s term.  As Governor Snyder’s term comes to a close next year, now may be the right time to prepare your application for submission to the Parole...

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Free Thinker

Kathleen M. Schaefer, founder of Detroit-based Professional Probation & Parole Consulting, Inc., assists attorneys and families of prisoners in seeking reduced incarceration for juvenile offenders. After an early-release offender shot four police officers near...

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Kathleen M. Schaefer is a licensed professional counselor and founder of Detroit-based Professional Probation & Parole Consulting, Inc.
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